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Ipos #22

 YPH + RSh  (poor beauty) pronounced Eye pah ros
Prince Commanding 36 Legions
This entry has been written months after the fact, owing to several factors. First among them are the numerous other tasks that fill my life, preventing me from dropping out of action to sit and type for two hours at a sitting. I have also had some time to observe the effects of this conjuration and better understand this obscure spirit.
My primary motive in conjuring this spirit was to examine business opportunities. A large number of businesses are for sale here and in neighboring states. Some of these are inexpensive, and others generate reliable income and have an operating managerial staff. In order to avoid the difficulties of business start-up, my wife and I were investigating the purchase of operating businesses to vitalize and then sell for a profit.
This spirit has two offices: to tell of events in the past or future, and to make men "witty and bold." The Infernal Dictionary says instead, "gives men intellect and courage." Buying a business is a major commitment, and also a big gamble. There are many unscrupulous sellers, and there are few guarantees. A bright mind and bold approach might yield something worthwhile in the world of business, but uncertainty and carelessness could bring nothing or disaster.
At first, the spirit did not arrive. There was nothing. I wondered if I had made some error, and checked for it. Satisfied, I went on with the call for the King to set the spirit free for the performance of this service to me. Again, nothing. I gave the call again in the other quarters, and there was no discernable change whatsoever. I felt stricken, but began to assemble the items for the chain curse, precipitating a burst of discordant noise from several nearby places, petitioning me to stop. This of course was the cue to immediately Address the spirit, though I had no clear idea of were the spirit might best be addressed.
The voice of the spirit itself was strong and jovial. It is described as an angel, and if this is so then the voice is the only part wherein that heritage is manifest in the apparition. It is also described as a foul chimerical beast, with a head like a lion, the feet of a goose, and the tail of a hare. This is a fairly decent rendering of the sort of creature lounging before me. Two of its legs were visible, with several long talons on its feet and a short stump of a tail. It was either extremely comfortable or half dead, and it was very large. Its head was very obviously not a lion, but was instead a wide-mouthed staring face with a mass of what most resembled the exterior gills of a salamander surrounding its neck.
The spirit continued to protest. First it declared that it would not comply for my sake, but only to avoid the curse. The spirit also declared that it cannot be bound without doing great harm. I gave the spirit Welcome before proceeding, which was to ask what sort of harm and why it might not be bound. The spirit replied that it could free a person from delusions and excuses, and that many of its subjects would cause trouble if they were suddenly bereft of their cherished fantasies.
It is true that many people are motivated by deceptions, which was my interest in this spirit in regard to business. I desired that it would preserve me from the cheats and scams of others, particularly business sellers and brokers. I wanted to know what they had done in the past, what the current state of their business is, and whether it would work out in the long run.
The spirit replied that such was its office, and that it could not refuse my demand. I went further then, to clarify the nature of the "demand," giving examples of types of deals I might encounter and what manner of assistance I would require within them. Since this was merely an elaboration on the original demand, I asked if the spirit would agree to the more specific request, and was affirmed.
I also asked the spirit if it could tell me how to find the right moment to take initiative with a plan once chosen. The spirit said that it would intervene only if the initial proposal were given to me directly, and only if it were for me personally.
I asked to pass this ability on to others, who might be worthy but lacking in sense and courage. The spirit instructed that I should lay my right hand on their left shoulder and say, "I... " followed by a sentence which was ratified as before with the modified demand.
This spirit was resolute on the matter that delusion and deception are key elements of motivation. A nation at war, a business, a religious sect, and even a sports team require some degree of fantasy about what one is actually doing. Imaginary boundaries are drawn between who is allowed to have the ball, or the bomb, and of what might be done with it. It is not so much the activity which motivates a person to participate, but a sense of participating in something more significant than the activity.  
This spirit promotes ideas about what a person is doing, but not a particular sort of action. These delusions can be removed from a person, but doing so improperly, according to the spirit, can cause disruption and danger. It is nothing to drag a person away from the television, for example, but when people in charge over the security and guidance of millions to suddenly become disillusioned, it can cause a serious upheaval. My desire was simply to know when a bad seller wanted to con me, so that I would not be led astray by false information, but there are many other applications for the same enchantment.
Overall I found the spirit to be reliable, if a little disheartening. It is a great shame that so many bad deals occur so often, and that there are so many predatory sellers of businesses. Many others honestly but ignorantly overestimate the value of their failing family stores. I desired to recognize these things for what they really were, and I feel that it has been effective in not only exposing any omissions or deceptions, but of also revealing the hidden motives of those involved.

The spirit was perhaps presumptuous in regard to its power and weight of consequence, but it was also civil and articulate despite its obscene appearance.

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