Imperial Arts (imperialarts) wrote,
Imperial Arts

New Paperbacks

Here are two new paperback books! 

The first is called Good Heavens! and deals exclusively with the practical elements of Astrology.
I often meet occultists who have a passing fascination with Astrology, but have no real knowledge of the subject. There is a distinction to be made between understanding the virtues of the signs and planets, and actually knowing the square root of squat about Astrology itself. This book is a very brief attempt to remedy that widespread ignorance, giving occultists a stable technique for creating natal charts and horoscopes without the use of a computer and without reference to tiresome pseudo-psychology. It does not contain everything you need to be a professional Astrologer, but it does contain the necessary calculation processes for astrological charts, and visual aids to finding the Zodiac constellations by sight.
The second book, The Tablets of Destiny, is a simple presentation of planetary magic. The seven classic squares and talismans, along with more for modern astronomical discoveries, are described along with a step-by-step conjuration process. Those who wish to explore whether magical ideas and practices have validity may find in this book an inexpensive series of experiments that are not extremely difficult. Those who are well aware of these talismans may also find in this book a few ideas wherewith they can expand and develop their own occult practices.
I own thousands of books. I have more than thirty boxes, each a cubic meter, absolutely full of books. More can be found on shelves, in drawers, on the toilet, and often on the floor or furniture. I have read most of them, and those I have not read, my wife has. Most of these books are stolen. I'm perfectly happy with that, and stole some of them myself. Some were taken in sacks out of the back of foreclosed bookstores, some were escorted out of major chain stores in pockets, shirts, pants, or bags. At least twice as many as I now own have been given away. You should be able to deduce from this admission that I am somewhat sympathetic to those who want free literature.
I should also mention that I make no real money from these books. The sum total for all sales of all books, from the beginning, amounts to a few hundred dollars. I do not write these books for money, for prestige, or for any reason other than the vain hope that you enjoy my art and find the texts interesting or useful. The bulk of the cover price goes to the publisher, who even I must pay to get a copy for myself. I'm not going to give them away, but if you steal them, scan them, or cut me out of my two dollars, it doesn't cost me a dime.
If you have my books in file form, they are stolen. I prefer hardcopy books. In fifty years, you will probably not want to sit down for a late night tea with a file. You will not drag your Kindle all across Greenland just to keep a copy of "Clan of the Cave Bear" on hand. In 300 years, my books might be on a dusty shelf somewhere, but those enormous PDF databases will probably not exist. If you feel guilty for scanning or owning my stolen books, you can redeem yourself by actually reading the book instead of keeping it in a file on your computer to be casually skimmed and then traded like a baseball card.

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