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Goetia: Balaam #51

BLOM (Balaam) pronounced "Bal- 'om"
King Commanding 40 Legions

I have called the spirit of Balaam, who was the last holy prophet of the nations in the days of the Exodus, brother to the first king of Edom. In the grand tradition of the Bible repeating themes, Edom is the "wicked older brother" to Israel, its people the descendants of Esau. The Edomites had the blessings of the righteous, but lacked guidance. They were given a prophet, Balaam, and his corruption provoked the ruin of the whole nation over the course of centuries.

Balaam abandoned his people and made his bed in the house of Pharaoh. Jewish folklore declares that it was he who hatched the plan to slay the innocents when Moses was born, inspiring Pharaoh with prophecies of his ruin. It was he also who spoke oracles against the infant Moses. The legends declare how he placed a jewel and a coal before the baby, knowing the child would choose the shiny jewel, and made Pharoah believe that if the child chose the jewel it would threaten his state and must be killed. Moses burned his tongue on the coals, and was accounted poor in speech for all his days thereafter, which is why he relied so much on Aaron later. In those days, it was the two sons of Balaam, Jannes and Jambres, who turned their staves into snakes so that the power of Jehovah could be demonstrated plainly before Pharaoh.

After the Exodus, Balaam went to the nation on the opposite side of his own country to conspire with king Balak of Moab, who hired him to curse the immigrant Israelites. The king's curse did not work, and on the contrary it provided an oracle and a blessing for Israel. The four oracles are recorded in the Book of Numbers, and it is not written in favor of Balaam.
Balaam took his revenge on Israel and Moab together by convincing Balak of a less supernatural approach to his goal, using sexually-transmitted disease carried by thousands of welcoming youths to kill the unchaste Israelites. He was ultimately driven off into the wilderness to live among packs of wild dogs. At some point in his travels, he is supposed to have been sorely beaten, whether by Pharaoh or Balak or Angels, or all three, so that he is supposed to have been unable to stand or walk; but would drag himself around by his arms, with his neck bent from having healed badly from a break, and his jaw dislocating whenever he attempted to speak.

Like Merlyn of much later legends, Balaam was even in his day regarded as a sort of divinity. His father was Beor, the mythic patriarch. He was not just a clever or important person, he was a magical creature, an enchanter and prognosticator, a prototype for the wicked sorcerer who counsels the preoccupied king. It is difficult these days to understand the kind of awe with which such people were regarded: the reverence for celebrities and demigods like Sai Baba or the Dalai Lama is similar but not nearly as intense. We are insulated by doubt, but the people of the ancient world were far more easily impressed, and as a result we have the spirit Balaam in the annals of demonology.

The office of this spirit is to give oracles on the past, present, and future, and to bestow the ability to see, and to have insight into the business of others, without being seen. I called this spirit for a very specific purpose, but one which may seem abstract. The "kings" of the Goetia have always produced something on a wider scope and I was hoping to settle some important concerns. In particular, I wanted to examine several fringe conspiracy theories directly.

There is more at stake in this line of questions than mere curiosity. I don't watch or have any television stations, so I must rely on the Internet for my daily news. I know from experience that television is saturated with advertising. What you see on the news is not necessarily true! Sometimes it is completely false, but someone has paid for it to be said or otherwise demanded it. Sometimes reporters are prohibited from remarking on certain aspects of a story, or ignore it altogether. I know all of this from first-hand experience of association with TV personnel.

It seemed that my best option for gaining an idea of what transpired in the world would come from examining a broad spectrum of news outlets. Most especially illuminating were the foreign news outlets, and their native commentators who would offer interesting perspectives uncommon to American media but discussing the same events. But I began to notice some common elements in what could best be called fringe news outlets.

Many of these Conspiracy Theory news outlets appear to be overwhelmed by religious fanatics and people who are obviously not mentally stable. Some are inane and absent-minded hypnotic ravings of the delusional and the heavily drugged, and there is neither imagination nor malice in them. Some are probably disinformation outlets, or are merely using sensational editorials to justify advertising fees on their web sites.

Almost all of the Conspiracy Theory news sources rely upon one or more of the archetypical Secret Cabal of Wicked Overlords motifs, and aim to interpret current events in that regard. Some of them are convinced it is UFO occupants, and others lizard men from the underworld, and others imagine conspiracies of international bankers and mystic masters of all flavors. The government is suspected of crimes and every despicable motive in every action, and in collusion with mainstream media aims to whitewash the wholesale destruction of Life, liberty, and Happiness. Rise up, the fringe media asks, and buy some water filters, freeze-dried food, and gold coins to defend yourself from the unholy tyrants.

I am inclined to dismiss all of that as a fable intended to give comfort to those abandoned by religious convictions in divine order. If men, even wicked and unknown men, are actually in power, there is some comfort that things are under control. I suspect that things are nowhere near under control, and that we as a species are highly prone to error from the top of the bottom of society, putting up with a world less predictable than we would prefer.

On the other hand, everyone knows that the Government can squash you if it should choose to do so. There is little hope for you if the Government actually wants to do something nasty to you, or if they are conspiring against you for the profit of powerful evil people. An example familiar to everyone is the emergence of the Third Reich, during which there were several years of opportunity toy "take a hint" and get out of Germany well before the war began. I would not want to have been the man sent to Auschwitz for failing to leave the country knowing I should have done so years ago, but waited and pretended that everything was going to be tolerable and that the yellow ribbon was not so inconvenient. So I cannot dismiss the fringe element so quickly, and consider that perhaps there are occasional insights which are well worth knowing.

When I listen to the people around me, and read about the current events of the world, I am moved to dismal confusion, panic, and despair at the failure of the world which I dreamed in my youth. Where is the medicine which is to be the Water of Life? We have barbaric surgeries from births to butchering in death, and all for the greed of the industry. We have no more medicines, but a proliferation of toxic drugs, and everyone is wallowing in disease of the appetite or the mind. We brag of our exalted status as the grand free world, with the sacred duty to blast evil Jihadists to the Pit no matter what kind of hole they hide within, while we leave the children of Africa to die on the bare soil in the interest of preserving the same oil industry which is so contentious in the Middle East, cowering from a few small arms and impoverished battalions. The space program is dead and destroyed, dismantled while the military has grown to hideous proportions. I wonder, in these times, if there truly is some power behind it all, in the hands of men, who seek our misery or our extermination for their own gain and profit.

I do not wish to rely upon the word of men. I have ceased to trust people, especially the State, but it is a moral crime to impune the honor of the just without due cause and I sought absolution therefrom or confirmation therein. I aimed to accomplish that by breaking down the illusion of the world as it is told to me, and to know of events from the operational perspective of the spirit. I wished to have the right to know the truth, under the guidance of the spirit of revelation, and to remove from my eyes the cloud of ignorance which had been sown there by the deceptions of the Illuminati.

Just to get the issue out of the way immediately, I don't intend to talk about UFO's and aliens. That issue has become an obsession for far too many people, but no talk of conspiracies and secret privileges is complete without at least a glance at the space man. It would be best if the public could simply ignore the whole idea of alien invaders, of any sort, and continue along with life. Despite ages of hard work collecting hazy photos and films of distant glowing dots of indeterminate size, fingers pointed at every official agency, and volumes of lurid documents, the public still has no answer; and yet there is no consequence for that lack of certainty. I suggest that those super-sleuths scouring the wastebin of the fringes for secrets of the flying saucers, who bite their nails and wish for the day of Disclosure, simply cease that and endeavor to investigate more down-to-earth malice which is demonstrably real.

I wanted specifically to know of great and impending tragedies, to the fate of my nation and my family, and to determine the outcome of events both natural and artificial so that I might ready myself for the occurrence. Proverbs 22:3 warns us that, "A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished."

The spirit took the form of a naked man, near my own age, bearing some sort of horn or instrument on a rope of gold. He was angular and uncomfortable, and reclined on a small bundle that may have been a sleeping bear or a large brown pillow. My first thought in giving the spirit Welcome was to question whether indeed this was Balaam of the scriptures or if it were some other spirit entirely.

The spirit spoke with a deep and resonating voice, that I was, "no man to speak of me as a fragment of fictions. I am the lord of the soil, custodian of the virtues of the flesh. My counsel is known in the world where it can be heard, not in the depths or on high."

The spirit intended, I believe, to express that the manner in which it reveals things is not concerned with astrological predictions or with gazing pools and other devices of divination. He proclaimed the art of his disciples to be found in the human heart.

Unless I am mistaken and the spirit intended to describe gruesome sacrificial rites, the voice of Balaam is concerned with the actions and motivations of people, not unseen forces infernal or divine.

When I had first called the spirit, I intended to discuss some of the current events. The young man in Colorado had recently made his rampage, and I wondered (like many others) whether this had been part of a larger operation. Accusations range from accomplices to government sponsorship of home-grown terrorists with the interest of promoting gun control, and I thought it made a good introduction to my main subjects of interest.

Against my expectations, the spirit declared that the official story is factual. It was not a secret government propaganda program, but only a deranged youth who did something that others failed to predict of him. He had taken great care to remain secretive and see his work complete, and his excuse - planned from the beginning - was foolishly inadequate considering the enormity of his crime. Conspiracy Theorists wish to paint the scenario as the brutal side effect of government or corporate drug programs designed to exploit the youth and the poor, but the whole scenario depended entirely upon the whims of that one young man.

I asked directly whether the government would confiscate firearms. The spirit declared that they would "secure the rights of ownership" but not the weapons themselves.

Knowing that there is conspiracy at work somewhere, I asked the spirit where it may be found. If there is no government program to take away all the firearms and throw everyone into concentration camps, where is the wickedness of those in high places? The spirit described those who bring "sickness to all, stealthily."

"The strong become weak, and the weak become frail!" Being careful to eat real foods is not enough. There are a variety of entry points for the various poisons and pathogens which are introduced on a formulaic basis for the management of population demographics. I really don't feel like being killed by corporate interests, so I will only say that it is not enough to watch your diet. A combination of factors, most of which are independently neutral, when brought together bring about death and disease. None of these things can be avoided while living anything close to a normal life, so there is no purpose in discovering remedies, but that is the situation as far as it is described to me by this spirit, whatever that is worth.

I replied to the spirit that it was grim to think we must all be forced to drink the Flavor-Aid or be turned out into the wilderness, and it retorted by saying that many of those who are now blind will soon see. It is not much of a good thing, but it is some, and that as evil as the people in power might be, they are operating a system with its upsides. There are marvels of technology and medicine, and we would not have these things without greedy and competitive types. You might have a perfect artificial heart, but you do not want to be responsible for building the hospital in which you can install it. There are some people who must do one thing, and others which do another, and that is the way of it or everyone must suffer.

I asked of the failures which are so catastrophic, and what should become of them. The spirit warned rather forcefully against blockage of sunlight, speaking of its effect as a "great misery and failure."

I asked about the future of the space program, to be told that, "Within ten years, man will not leave the earth." That may mean that no manned missions occur beyond orbital range, or that within ten years the manned space program will cease.

The spirit also described how I would be personally shamed, and spoke of a "great tide" in Africa.

I asked for what should happen in the time to come, what would be the next major event to se the fringe ablaze with the thought of conspiracies. I was told to expect kidnappings rather than massacres. The spirit also declared that the "next man to be president" would be "the governor" and that Persia would be "destroyed and despoiled" before much longer.
The future state of warfare would be accomplished through weapons which it referred to as "double jeopardy" systems. Essentially the consequences of warfare would become so terrible, even among the less powerful nations which will currently fight things out with machine guns, that the role of a state military would be more of a peacekeeping power designed to squash uprisings rather than a battle frontage.

The spirit spoke of secret defenses of various sorts. Apparently the doomsday device from Dr. Strangelove is a reality, as are the underground facilities. A fair amount of other things were also spoken of that I won't describe here at all, for the simple fact that I was explicitly told that to do so would mean the death of myself and my family. Whereas I speculate that I might be liable for speaking against certain food manufacturers, I am certain that those implicated by the spirit would not hesitate to remove me from the equation.

I asked about personal events upcoming. The prediction was actually dire, and as much as I hope to avoid global war, the spirits gloomy revelations did not really hit home until it began speaking of my own life. I do hope that many of these things are simply false, a ruse designed to frighten me perhaps, but I do not enjoy seeing my life in turmoil. I was cautioned specifically against upsetting the authorities, or having any association with instigators and agitators. The spirit urged me to use tact, rather than violence, as the basis of any suggestion I make in describing these things.

That is probably good advice. Often people will say that there cannot be any resolution to the tyrants except uprisings. That tends to cause a lot of grief and accomplishes nothing but tighter rules. Destroying the property or the money only goes so far, and creates setbacks but nothing disastrous. No matter what plagues befell the Egyptians, the Exodus could not occur until the slaughter of the infants had been avenged and the firstborn of all the houses of Egypt were slain.

After giving the spirit License to Depart, it remained and spoke of a means of coming into knowledge of plots against myself. True to its proclamations about itself, it collapsed into dirt and left a peculiar smell. No actual dirt remained in its absence.

Of all the things said by the spirit, the one that struck me the most was that none of these wide-range world events mean much to me, and that I am better off using my time to focus on my personal goals. The banking collapse has been imminent for years, and yet the fringe outlets cry every day that the destruction of all things convenient is scheduled to happen next week. When it fails to manifest next week, the clock has been pushed back another month, or another year, until you have a situation not unlike those who watch and wait for the Rapture. Things of that nature can and do happen, but it is more productive to live in readiness for what can be expected than to live in fear of what cannot be expected.
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