Imperial Arts (imperialarts) wrote,

Hardcopy Preview

For those of you who do not own a hardcopy of Imperial Arts Volume One, you might enjoy the preview at

As I have said before, the printed copy exists for the sake of those (like me) who prefer a physical hardcopy rather than scrolling through pages of Livejournal. The supplementary material adds a little weight to the book and sheds some light on my perspective. I have no intention to exclude anyone from my writings on account of unwilingness or inability to pay.

I was unaware that the Lulu publishing service made these copies available until a few days ago. I certainly wasn't notified! But in case anyone wants to sneak a peek, or for some reason is unwilling to put two bucks into my pocket, the preview should keep me from having to send you a free copy just to prove it isn't scribbles and gibberish. Those who do want to buy the book can do so at

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