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Greater Key

Lesser Key

Thanks to my new large-format scanner, I was able to transform these huge manuscripts into printable paperbacks. The first is the so-called Greater Key of Solomon, here named "The Great Key," containing all the ceremonies presented in their "secret order" so that the book can be followed start-to-finish.

The second is my personal edition of the Lemegeton, which I have titled "Helisol" after an alternate title of the original manuscript. Each of these are printed in full color, with vivid green and purple inks, profusely illustrated. These are printed just as they appear in my manuscript, with no typing or editorial notes.

They're expensive to produce. They each required literally years to complete, with pages full of luxurious india ink and gold-leaf.

Let me be very clear that these books are not reprints and copies of materials you might already own. They are my personal working texts, and I debated long whether to simply keep them to myself.

And for those who are fans of The Great Beast, here is my hardcover edition of The Book of Lies. Each page is fully illustrated in red and black, produced in 2004, with glossy dust jacket. The text is unaltered from the classic 1913 edition, without the commentary.

And finally, for those who are fans of the Simon Necronomicon, here is an illustrated edition of The Magan Text, with the spells of Maqlu as an appendix. Some of the illustrations were unfortunately washed out in portions by the scanner, but such is the fate of self published work.
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