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For those who want to read some of my older writings, but who do not want to pay full cover price, here are about 500 pages of them for $10 as an e-book.

I love Edgar Rice Burroughs books, but have found that the electronic reader world has left them largely neglected. The same can be said for "The Troll" by T.H. White and not a few other stories worth reading but poorly represented online. Please use this e book as an opportunity to sample full copies of the work, but I am confident that if you find them worthwhile to read fully, you would be better served by a print copy.

I had originally left my cover pages blank, so that the contents could be judged on their own merits. Some time has been taken to rectify the blank covers for Imperial Arts, Secrets of magic, and The Wizard's Workshop, but the content remains identical except for that of Secrets of Magic which have been fitted to the proper format.

I have also printed The Magan Text in casewrap hardcover, for those who dislike the washed out image qualities of the paperback. The Book of Lies is now available in paperback as well.

Helisol and The Great Key have been combined into The Magical Arts of Solomon the Wise, but the content of both texts included are unaltered. This is only for those who want a larger format hardcover, as the content is identical to the two paperbacks.

Those who wish to see me in person are welcome to attend the Seattle Esoteric Book Conference with me on September 27th and 28th.
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