Imperial Arts (imperialarts) wrote,
Imperial Arts

Treasure Hunts

The grimoires are full of interesting things to accomplish: get rich, become famous, acquire hidden knowledge, and a variety of other items along those three primary themes. Despite this, I very often meet grimoire conjurors whose lives are not interesting. I write this post for them.

When was the last time you went out looking for treasure with the aid of spirits, spells, and divinations?

If the answer is “Never,” I want you to consider why you have never done so. I would be willing to bet that the main reason most people have never done anything of the sort is their lack of faith in success. That would be a fair assumption, but if it were not just on the edge of the impossible, it would not be very impressive as Magic.

I would like to tell you of my adventures on three treasure hunts, each involving the aid of a Familiar Spirit, seeking treasures guarded by Purson, Vassago, and Astaroth.

The Golden Cavern has been amply described elsewhere, but briefly I should restate the incident for those who are unfamiliar with it. Following directions of a spirit, I located a vein of gold ore in Northern California that required a long, steep climb to access. At one point in the ascent, I was warned of an unseen hazard by the Familiar Spirit. I was not warned of the several armed men on the ridge across from the site, who opened fire, and I was not warned of the disasters and personal dangers following the discovery.

I was unable to get anything resembling details from Vassago about the Mormon Gold in Nevada, and resorted to the Familiar Spirit. This revealed several geological features to follow, and the spirit did not indicate that this would involve a climb of more than a thousand feet directly upwards with a deep pit of sand at the top. Despite detecting the “gold” signal from the pit, the site was abandoned due to fading light and a lack of a means to excavate the sand.

In seeking the Skull of St. Nick, I was given directions to seek the signs of water on the exterior of a building in a precise spot, and the direction to go downwards from there. Upon exit of the building, in the exact place described, there was a water drain and a sort of small door which would have been hazardous to enter.

In all three cases, the spirit direction was confirmed, and yet in no case was I ever able to make myself master of these spirit-guarded treasures. Nonetheless, I have scaled cliffsides, explored ancient sites and trails, and have really pitted myself physically and mentally against some huge obstacles, even gunshots. If I had simply said to myself “Nah, that won’t work,” I would be in the same position financially today, but I would have missed out on the adventures. I would also not have the confirmation that the spirit could in fact reveal true items beyond my knowledge, although none of them were particularly useful in the ways I desired them to be, and all failed to mention inherent dangers and drawbacks.

Perhaps someone will come along who is willing to actually do this sort of thing and have a treasure to show for it. I am certain that some exist, and I would love to see others attempt to uncover precious things long lost or hidden.
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