Imperial Arts (imperialarts) wrote,
Imperial Arts

Stop Trying to Get Rich

Most magicians are poor. That’s OK, most of everyone is poor, and among those poor people, many are happy about their lives. I am sick of seeing the majority of magicians running around chasing after the nearest dollar every time they step into the circle. This post is intended for those who find themselves continually searching for the better Money Spell.

So you have called upon Bune, made sixteen different Jupiter talismans, and have tried Commanding Oil from the rootwork store in an attempt to get more customers at your Etsy shop; but you’re still broke.

Let me offer two simple suggestions.

1. Instead of trying to become wealthy, aim at becoming successful. Become a better musician, a better artist, a better athlete, or a better anything, and apply your magic toward that end. There’s no guarantee that you will become a high-income celebrity, but you will at least have something real upon which to base your appraisal of life.

In terms of planetary magic, Solomonic pentacles and the like, branch out into work with Mars and Mercury instead of Jupiter and Venus. Set yourself on a path of productivity and effective communication, rather than worrying over the supposed end-result of being the rich guy with a cute girlfriend.

Once you have decided that you will do something wonderful with yourself rather than merely try to accumulate enough cash to buy whatever some other person has made, get to work on that. They say nobody is perfect, but most people (myself included) are very far from it, and it takes work to avoid being a loser. Apply those Mars conjurations toward gaining vitality and reducing unwelcome health issues, and use those Mercury talismans to gain skills in diplomacy.

2. Do something really weird. Magic is not, at least in my opinion, something that should be merely an advantage for the otherwise ordinary person. It should elevate your experience of life into something beyond that which the average person can access. A magician should be inspiring in some way, whether for good or ill, and not just the guy who happens to win slightly more often than the boring guy next door.

It is not enough to have a skill, to be doing well at a hobby or career. In order to really develop as a magician, you have to explore a bit outside the comfort zone and attempt to do what mere mortals cannot. You may fail, and fail again, but if you do not make an effort to try, you are wasting your time as a magician. Open portals to the demonic realm, try to levitate, lay siege to a nearby town, go on treasure hunts, anything that calls to you on a deep and personal level as “the kind of thing magicians ought to do.”

It is essential in doing these weird things that you break out of whatever grimoire or curriculum you are using. The magic you explore should be something of your own design, at least in part, and it should be important to you as a personal goal.

Finally, do not allow wealth (or lack thereof) to dominate your appreciation of magical arts.
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