Imperial Arts (imperialarts) wrote,
Imperial Arts

Obligatory Xmas Sales Pitch

Which edition of the Lemegeton should you get?

How about the one that was compiled by someone who actually uses it, and whose work is the FIRST AND ONLY printed documentation of the work done according to the actual instructions?

How about the one with vivid colors and illuminations on every page, that looks and feels like a real Book of Magic?

How about the one that has images of the spirits, and information about them, gathered from first-hand experience?

How about the one that describes the practical details of the work, especially for the non-Goetia sections like the Almadel?

How about the one that gives all the spirit and divine names with suggestions for their meanings and pronunciation?

How about the one that doesn't waste your time with speculations about people long dead, and instead begins from page one with instructions?

How about the one which is so rare that, at the present time, only a few copies exist?

How about the one which ALSO includes the complete Key of Solomon with step-by-step instructions not found anywhere else?

That would be THIS edition:

For a cheap preview, here is the same product in PDF:

You might think you know what's in this book. Let me be quite clear: if you have not read it, you really have no idea what you're missing.
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