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Bune, the 26th Spirit

This is the Ducal Seal of the 26th spirit sealed by Solomon into a vessel of brass. It is hand-engraved from about an ounce of copper, and features three very small fine diamonds. The Pentacle of Solomon is on the reverse side, and there is a copper ring for hanging it as a pendant. It will very quickly oxidize and become black as soot, but for now it is highly polished. The seal of a spirit is its primary magical link, an amulet providing it some tenuous foothold in the material world. This is the first day of December, and I will send this out to some person selected on the upcoming New Year’s Day as a year-end promotional.

This spirit is usually called upon for the purpose of obtaining riches. It is one of the most recognizable spirits of the Goetia, almost certainly the most frequently invoked. I have had the privilege of witnessing or becoming informed of a great number and variety of experimental approaches toward invoking this spirit, none of which in any great way resemble my own experience, which I have related, but will briefly discuss. I would also like to talk a bit about my own experience and how it pertains to my perception of the context in which these ceremonies operate as life-altering events.

Most of the people involved in this adventure of dark arts are going to be upset with this portrayal of themselves from my perspective, but I am not intending to speak ill of anyone over issues now long gone, and these are just my opinions about real events.

Getting out of Memphis was a tremendous effort of Will. My family and friends, my whole world was in that vast lawless urban swampland, and the largest illuminated crosses in North America had just been erected next door. Ignorance and fear were and apparently continue to be widespread there and throughout the southeast. It’s hot and muggy, so it had to be west, to the mountains or the sea. I had one solid contact out west, and in the process of relocating, that dissolved into conflict, and the entire plan changed shape on the go. In the end I settled in a very small town where everyone was either a meth addict or a retiree, very far from anything except natural beauty.

What ultimately broke down between me and that other person was the concept of selling talismans, selling magic in general. I do not agree with this, and there are some really simple reasons why. First, it’s incredibly laborious and costly to make something that really is worth selling to anyone, and then it becomes so expensive that nobody can afford it. The majority of occult craft merchants sell adulterated metals and other compromised materials. Some of the most famous examples of metal talismans in the modern age were cast in Pakistan in various alloys, which I suppose is a step up from mass productions from China.

But the real reason not to get into the magic for sale business is the simplest one: I would rather use it for myself than sell it to others. I decided to use the magic to get what I wanted, and what I wanted most at that time was a fabulous treasure of gems. At this point in my life, I can definitely say that I have a fabulous treasure of gems. In the past, I have had substantially greater such treasures. In the future, I expect to have even more! That is how I prefer to approach magic, as a way to enter streams or currents of activity such as one in which gems are traded and accumulated, rather than to expect a singular event to confirm some wish or intention.

Unfortunately, my master goldsmith was a deeply religious man, and the day of the demon seal was a bitter one, even if I could overlook the bizarre backyard fungus stew he had prepared for dinner. During the casting, the crucible and the casting flask into which the metal is poured both need to be kept very hot, due to the seal being made of a few ounces of copper. If the copper cools too quickly, the metal ceases to be liquid and does not fill the cavity prepared for the mould. As the molten metal poured, he made the Sign of the Cross, which cooled the metal and corrupted the seal. The enigmatic sigil figure remained, but very little else, and it looked just horrible. It had the look of being buried for centuries, but it was fit for use as I had no better choice.

He had a few gems, not many, and only a couple of diamonds. At one time, he was prosperous, and that ended when Walmart opened outside of town. He had an abundance of decent opal, but less than half an ounce of gold outside the twenty-odd pieces in his store. He lived in a cabin on the edge of the river, just downstream from the mansion where he used to live, and he was never taken seriously by the locals ever after on account of his poverty. Part of my work with him was to bring in my own 35-pound faceting machine every day and cut gemstones. I had begun with a simple angle-adjusted tripod and a sheet of diamond-encrusted copper, cutting two small Arkansas garnets into French-style polished gems, but by the time we cast the demon seal, I was using a standard machine and cutting emeralds.

Apart from a couple of the more interesting emeralds, none of this made any appreciable amount of money whatsoever, nor did any of it really look all that impressive, and I dearly hoped to have something genuinely awesome as opposed to something that will suffice. I suppose that the average person might plan, perhaps some people might pray, but I devoted my efforts toward invoking this mysterious mythical being and finding out whether it could produce riches as the grimoire claimed. All of that has been described and recorded.

Ultimately, what I learned from it was that the quality of my clothing and outward manner were more important than the quality of my gems. This advice has proven to be the golden rule when it comes to actually acquiring the gems. I also learned to recognize the distinct difference between source materials and manufacturing done with them, that there is a human cost to everything which is manufactured. This has been the case since people were first compelled to do work to extract materials beyond mere gathering, particularly the mining of copper.

This spirit is peculiar in that it has two distinct seals. One is the conjuration seal, another is apparently a map of the island of Cyprus, which has been a source of copper for thousands of years.

The conjuration of this spirit was followed closely by the untimely death of my mother. I had been informed of this in a dream the night before, which proved true upon waking. I had made a piece of jewelry that evening, my first completed piece of which I was proud, and she was never able to see it, but its completion did in fact seal my future in the jewelry industry. I eventually relocated to Las Vegas, working with truly rare and precious things, and then to the island where I had a store for a time. These days I work for a longstanding local jewelry company, but my experience of the world of jewelry has certainly been beyond the ordinary and I have had a trove of fantastic lucre pass through my hands over time.

Do not confuse this with me making any significant amount of profit from any of this glittering gem hoard business, or the jewelry industry in general. Expenses are high, profit margins are low, and a great deal depends on reputation. I had none, and in the beginning little more than a protractor device angled toward some treated copper sheets and some interesting colored rocks, and my career in the jewelry business has always been as an outsider among a field of family legacy businesses. I have worked full time as a jeweler and had substantial accomplishment as such, but it is not a glamorous luxury occupation, even if that is the clientele. It is often demanding and the customers are rarely aware of problems in design or the extent of costs involved.

In addition to riches, this spirit is also associated with the dead. Some interpret this as a sort of necromancy, but my own experience leads me to view it as a spirit of heritage and commemoration of the deeds of ancestors. It is easy for people to forget the atrocities upon which their current levels of comfort are founded. This spirit has the office of allowing those things to be forgotten, or just as easily to bring them into the light, so that longstanding errors of judgment may be corrected and veneration given to the contributions of those forgotten.

I write all of this for two reasons. First, I want to express my opinion of these “Thanks to Bune!” remarks peppering the communication landscape, and of how my experience is rather a more long-term process which I had hoped to initiate by forming a covenant of which the spirit is a part. It is not something done to satisfy an immediate need, but rather to decide upon what kind of existence I wanted to have, who I might meet or where I might go: gems are not common or easily located. I have seen gems that glorify their national origins, which glorify the skill of the cutter, that glorify the wonders of nature. No piece of riches I ever saw gave glory to Bune.

Bune, so far as I understand it, represents a deity – or if you prefer a dormant genetic behavioral mandate – that presides over specific domains of forced labor to obtain materials whose end product provides a genuine advantage to the ruling person or party. Men labor under the lash for the sake of something that does them no good, yet fortifies those doing the whipping, and that is a common enough feature of the human race to identify it as a persistent sort of devil. The apparition of the spirit from my conjuration was some kind of Paleozoic predator, an early chordate with a singular advantage over its prey. This is not the sort of thing that needs to be glorified.

This deity was at one time part of some mostly forgotten West African pantheon, a patron of strategy similar in character to Athena. The people serving this and other regional deities became enslaved themselves, and now their ancestral gods stand among the registry of fallen angels, a situation that says more about the 17th century than Solomon. Those same mandates through which a people are gathered and disposed toward some mutually-beneficial labor such as gathering of resources are also able to be twisted so that people are forced into servitude. To bind this spirit is, at least in part, an attempt to defeat the evil of slavery, to obtain and command the power associated with the materials extracted and refined by those whose labors went without reward.

In the ancient world, as today, this is accomplished through mining. Copper mining was in its day a major advantage, one of the only really useful metals for a span of time measured in millennia. Gemstone mining and processing into finished treasures has been the source of prestige upon which the reputations of the ruling class depend, a visible reminder that those in power have the ability to compel people to labor without reward for the sake of their own opulence. The accumulation of treasure is fraught with temptation for that reason, as all such ornaments come with a human cost. The beauty and rarity of gems is secondary to this positioning, their value being chiefly a measure of command held over others rather than for any intrinsic value they might have. Wearing a fabulous diamond displays connections and power, a network in which the wearer participates and in which his or her class dominates others.

I might add here that, by and by, the modern jewelry industry is adapting to new strategies. The innate power of gems is dwindling as a means of extortion, and is thankfully reverting ro something approaching a more mystical understanding of gems, or else as a purely commercial venture.

And so that brings me to my second reason for presenting this demon amulet. I am offering it, free of charge, to some random individual. All you have to do to enter to win is to purchase any of my books (including the free one!), or provide a public rating or review of any of my books which you already own. The Book of Lies hardcover is nice!

Send me an email alerting me to the fact at Prototaxite at Gmail dot com with the subject “Bune.” On New Year’s Day, my wife will randomly select one of these, and I will notify you by email so that I can ship it to you, under the premise that whoever is randomly selected will be the one who is the most favorable. Everyone who enters will receive a bunch of random art and other entertainment via email. I would also appreciate if you would share this somewhere so I have more than four people as contenders!

It is my hope that the winner of this item will do more than keep it safe. It is my sincere wish that whoever obtains this would devote some part of him or herself to more than accumulating riches, but would instead call upon this spirit to right some of the wrongs in the way riches are distributed throughout the world. The vast majority of goods sold in America have their origins in slavery overseas. So often I see people proud to have overcome slavery, and yet clamoring for things produced by slaves in China, and this is an evil for which I have no solution. But perhaps you do? This spirit is bound to do the will of the exorcist, and it is my hope that you will use it to vindicate those who toil beneath the hurtful arm of oppression, rather than to enrich yourself at their expense.

On a more personal note, to all those concerned at my absence, I am a private person and have many things to do, but I am well and spend most of my free time painting or writing rather than calling upon spirits. I have done a lot of traveling, encountered new people and places, and on the whole my life in this very small PNW town is peaceful.
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