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Imperial Arts
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Friday, August 31st, 2012
11:15 pm
Goetia: Zepar #16
TzPR (hornblast) pronounced "Zep-ar"
Duke commanding 26 Legions
This account was written well after the fact, from memory and hen-scrawl notes.

I have often been dismayed by the vicious nature of human sexuality. When everything else is in place, this one thing will be out of sorts, and will be the one thing that causes every other well-arranged part of life to crumble into a heap. A person can be well-adjusted in every conversational way, skilled and diligent, healthy and comfortably fed, yet some minor sexual hang-up will bring no end of pain and worry.

Personally I feel exempt from this, and have never really endured emotional struggles about sexuality. I'm not difficult to please or outlandish in my desires, and while I am not prudish, my sex life stays undercover where it belongs. Apparently the modern trend is something of the opposite, where everyone is expected to know the details as if they were of any importance to others.

Although I'm not at all interested in what (or who) other people find desirable, the search for sexual fulfillment is an important part of the human psyche. I understand that it is important to fulfill the sexual impulses. For whatever reasons, these are not fulfilled in a significant part of the population. Where sexuality is carefully regulated, and seemingly functional socially, the security is counterweighted by outbursts of violent hysteria. Certain episodes of the Inquisition, and present-day East Africa, are excellent examples of what happens when sexuality is unduly restrained.

The sexual impulse is represented in the image of this spirit as a crocodile. It dwells in a predictable environment - you know where to go to find it. It can lay dormant for an age and be fed rarely, or subsist on small fish while the lucky ones take the zebra and the gazelle. It is thoughtless, implacable, and tough as nails, and presents itself on a sudden. It is furious and powerful when provoked.

Collapse )
The incident with the woman has come and gone, according to him, and we await whether his true reward should manifest.
Saturday, March 10th, 2012
2:20 pm
Goetia #1: Bael
(BOL) pronounced "Ba-al"
King with 66 Legions

The conjuration was performed during a day of strong winds. I covered the windows and laid the circle out on the new bamboo floor. If you ever have the opportunity to install new flooring and expect to save money on the installation, just forget it and pay someone to do it for you. The process was very labor-intensive and caused my house to be out of sorts for weeks as I removed the old flooring and prepared everything else.

Further obstacles to the work included persistent illness and stacks of books. Only in the last week or so have I been able to clear the tens of thousands of books out of my house and into our new storefront. Between the books, being sick, working 60 hour weeks, and the flooring, I have had neither space nor time for these conjurations or much of anything else.

Collapse )

The spirit was cordial enough, but at one point called my approach "rude," for which I suppose it might be accurate as I had more interest in getting to work than to make idle conversation on the exaltation of man. The figure was evaporated as steam in the wind, when the License to Depart was given, and I have set down the record as faithfully as my memory can provide.
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
1:02 am
Goetia #29: Astaroth

OShTRTh (Astaroth) pronounced "Osh-tar-ot"
Duke Commanding 40 Legions
What is the meaning and purpose of magic? Is it a secret advantage? A remedy for inadequacy? A neglected birthright? I see magic approached in the modern world as if it were all of these things. One person will use magic to obtain securities and favors he would otherwise not obtain, while another uses it to perform crimes with impunity, and yet another seeks guidance or healing from it. Those who see magic as a tool for purely spiritual gain often neglect its practical value, and vice versa. If it is a sacred art, it would seem out of line to employ it for such dubious ends as career adjustments and relief from minor worries; but if it is not to be used for ordinary things then its overall value is greatly diminished. I sought, first and foremost, answers about the foundations of magic from this spirit said to guard great Secrets: to know the purpose of magic, its significance as an art or science, and its fundamental mechanisms.
From the very beginning, I received more than what I wanted; but in the end I was not disappointed.
Collapse )
I had spent quite a long time with the spirit and thought that, having received answers and a "discipline" which might elicit more, it was time to say the License to Depart. The room was already thick with haze from copious amounts of incense that had been put on the dying coal, and whether the spirit disappeared or simply faded into the fog was not apparent. It said nothing at its departure, and I wondered if it had gone at all, so I repeated the License to Depart twice more before concluding the ceremony.

Monday, February 7th, 2011
12:08 pm
Uvall #47
OVLL (perpetrate) pronounced "Ouh-lall"
Duke commanding 37 Legions
Some of the spirits of the Vessel of Brass are permitted special privileges. Some are able to harm, betray, or deceive the magician, under particular conditions, and some are able to circumvent the securities and charges of the ceremony in ways that do not threaten the conjuration outright. These privileges make the conjuration process inconvenient, but do not prevent it from being effective. One must put up with the obstacles, or take account of the risks, in order to conjure these spirits.

This spirit is said to provide the love of women, or of an especial woman, and to produce friendship between friends and foes. It is also described as having the ability to tell the past, present, and future of a subject, and to speak "in the Egyptian tongue,"  though badly. Aleister Crowley identifies this as "sound but colloquial Coptic," though I am unsure if he meant that as a joke, whether he meant simply to explain that Coptic is the traditional language of Egypt, or whether he had personal experience with the spirit.
Collapse )
"Adieu, foreigner," the spirit said at its going. The room filled with dust. Now I have always had dust, but this was a fierce dust that hung in the air for a long while and which was fine like the ash of spider silk. The doors were opened to the outside, and it was hours before the room cleared. The dust was entirely aerial: none could be collected or caught. My children were amused at the amount of it, and my wife was quite annoyed.
It was only with the greatest patience that I was able to make notes on what was said during this encounter. Much of it was lost completely, and what remains written here is a fragmentary version that is shown only to give an example of the way in which this exchange occurred. For a comparison, observe a foreign speaker for half an hour and attempt to take notes on what was said without any knowledge of the language. I had the sound of the speech alone, and that spoken in what might have been a perfect pronunciation or a peculiar accent, without any way to distinguish between the two and without sufficient time to sort the matter out on the spot.

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011
12:59 am
Goetia: #61 Zagan

ZYYPN (coin-forger) pronounced "Zye-fon"
King and President commanding 33 Legions
North and West
Sometimes the things described by occult literature appear to have no place in reality, or they appear to be plausible yet sit comfortably just beyond the realm of what is ordinarily considered possible. The books may instruct a magician, for example, to sandwich a magic square between to plates on the doorstep so that cheese will magically appear between the plates overnight; or they might say to bury a lobster and chant something from the Koran to manifest a spring of sparkling water. In the former case, it would be purely irrational to expect real cheese to suddenly pop into existence; but in the latter case there is a remote possibility that a spring may bubble out of the ground as that does happen in some places on occasion. Barring any mistranslations, like those of the infamous "Maine de Gloire" or Mandragore, an occult practitioner may feel at times that a given set of instructions is intentionally misleading, or that it may be pure bull concocted by idiots and crazy people.
As for the buried crustaceans, the experiment will have to be undertaken by someone who finds them less edible than myself, and I can attest to total failure on my own account in all attempts to manifest cheese from the void. Even if a person were in the absurd position of actually being in dire need of some cheese overnight, and had no way to get it, the fifth Abramelin Square of the fifteenth chapter of the third part will probably never produce the cheese on demand. The 61st spirit, Zagan, presents similar challenges. It is described as having the power to transmute wine, water, and blood into each other; to transform metals into coin; and to make fools wise. It is within the normal scope of possibilities for a foolish person to become wise, but metals being transformed into coin might be a stretch, and the transmutation of wine is a mythic power.
I came to the ritual prepared to investigate the powers of the spirit on the spot. I had a small malachite tray with grains of pure gold, and a large glass of water. I realized that it was likely the spirit could not simply transform gold nuggets into $10 war bonnet Liberties, but the idea that the spirit could transform the shape of the metal without affecting its substance was intriguing. Although it was beyond my original intention in conjuring the spirit, I was to learn something important about substance and shape from this encounter.
Collapse ) 
I am not certain that I want to live in full sight of all of my difficulties, with the knowledge of their presence always among my decisions. That kind of knowledge, like the wings of ease offered by the spirit, leads to a decay of personal initiative. I am satisfied with having an idea of how to approach my faults so that I can be free from them on my own accord. This spirit was full of surprises, this last one certainly the best. I bid the spirit License to Depart and left the doorways open to discharge the incense.

Monday, October 18th, 2010
5:28 pm
New Paperbacks

Here are two new paperback books! 

The first is called Good Heavens! and deals exclusively with the practical elements of Astrology.
I often meet occultists who have a passing fascination with Astrology, but have no real knowledge of the subject. There is a distinction to be made between understanding the virtues of the signs and planets, and actually knowing the square root of squat about Astrology itself. This book is a very brief attempt to remedy that widespread ignorance, giving occultists a stable technique for creating natal charts and horoscopes without the use of a computer and without reference to tiresome pseudo-psychology. It does not contain everything you need to be a professional Astrologer, but it does contain the necessary calculation processes for astrological charts, and visual aids to finding the Zodiac constellations by sight.

The second book, The Tablets of Destiny, is a simple presentation of planetary magic. The seven classic squares and talismans, along with more for modern astronomical discoveries, are described along with a step-by-step conjuration process. Those who wish to explore whether magical ideas and practices have validity may find in this book an inexpensive series of experiments that are not extremely difficult. Those who are well aware of these talismans may also find in this book a few ideas wherewith they can expand and develop their own occult practices.
I own thousands of books. I have more than thirty boxes, each a cubic meter, absolutely full of books. More can be found on shelves, in drawers, on the toilet, and often on the floor or furniture. I have read most of them, and those I have not read, my wife has. Most of these books are stolen. I'm perfectly happy with that, and stole some of them myself. Some were taken in sacks out of the back of foreclosed bookstores, some were escorted out of major chain stores in pockets, shirts, pants, or bags. At least twice as many as I now own have been given away. You should be able to deduce from this admission that I am somewhat sympathetic to those who want free literature.
I should also mention that I make no real money from these books. The sum total for all sales of all books, from the beginning, amounts to a few hundred dollars. I do not write these books for money, for prestige, or for any reason other than the vain hope that you enjoy my art and find the texts interesting or useful. The bulk of the cover price goes to the publisher, who even I must pay to get a copy for myself. I'm not going to give them away, but if you steal them, scan them, or cut me out of my two dollars, it doesn't cost me a dime.
If you have my books in file form, they are stolen. I prefer hardcopy books. In fifty years, you will probably not want to sit down for a late night tea with a file. You will not drag your Kindle all across Greenland just to keep a copy of "Clan of the Cave Bear" on hand. In 300 years, my books might be on a dusty shelf somewhere, but those enormous PDF databases will probably not exist. If you feel guilty for scanning or owning my stolen books, you can redeem yourself by actually reading the book instead of keeping it in a file on your computer to be casually skimmed and then traded like a baseball card.

Friday, October 15th, 2010
1:39 am
Ipos #22

 YPH + RSh  (poor beauty) pronounced Eye pah ros
Prince Commanding 36 Legions
This entry has been written months after the fact, owing to several factors. First among them are the numerous other tasks that fill my life, preventing me from dropping out of action to sit and type for two hours at a sitting. I have also had some time to observe the effects of this conjuration and better understand this obscure spirit.
My primary motive in conjuring this spirit was to examine business opportunities. A large number of businesses are for sale here and in neighboring states. Some of these are inexpensive, and others generate reliable income and have an operating managerial staff. In order to avoid the difficulties of business start-up, my wife and I were investigating the purchase of operating businesses to vitalize and then sell for a profit.
This spirit has two offices: to tell of events in the past or future, and to make men "witty and bold." The Infernal Dictionary says instead, "gives men intellect and courage." Buying a business is a major commitment, and also a big gamble. There are many unscrupulous sellers, and there are few guarantees. A bright mind and bold approach might yield something worthwhile in the world of business, but uncertainty and carelessness could bring nothing or disaster.
Collapse )
The spirit was perhaps presumptuous in regard to its power and weight of consequence, but it was also civil and articulate despite its obscene appearance.

Friday, April 30th, 2010
1:18 am
Goetia: #68 Belial

BLY - YOL (without worth) pronounced "bel-EE ya-AL"

King Commanding 80 Legions

I had not intended to conjure this spirit until very recently, when it began to seem like a reasonable or even necessary course of action. Before coming to the ceremony itself, I must first digress and say a few things about my attitude toward the use of occult powers, conjuration of spirits, and other magical objectives. There are two prevailing camps concerning this subject, one declaring that a person ought to use magic as a last resort and the other declaring that one ought to employ such powers only for very important purposes. The third viewpoint, certainly in the minority, suggests that one ought to use magic as one would use an automobile: responsibly, but wherever and whenever it would appear the most convenient mode of action. I tend to follow this latter approach.
It would be asinine to think that the spirits of the Goetia are best reserved for emergencies, or when all else has failed. There is madness afoot indeed if one were to absolutely require the appearance of birds, poetry recitals, and many other powers ascribed to the spirits. I cannot imagine any such emergency, or that one would turn to magic in desperation for such things, yet they are given as the powers of these great and powerful spirits. The system is designed to be useful when needed, but not necessarily to be used only when needed. Unfortunately, in this conjuration I felt that my intervention was necessary.
The several strategies one can employ when planning occult objectives can be ranked on a scale of desirability. It is best to act in such a way that problems do not arise, but sometimes one must settle with foresight and correct problems at their inception. Failing that, difficulty can be overcome by struggle, and beneath that is the ability to recover from trouble. At the bottom of the scale there is the realization that one causes his or her own problems, in which case a magician must direct the work inward. While I strive toward the higher end of the scale, I feel fairly confident in my ability to mark approaching changes and make preparations. It is as part of these preparations for the near future that I have performed the conjuration of Belial.
Collapse )
Having spent the better part of an afternoon with this droll spirit, I decided that there was nothing further that I had desired from it. I gave the spirit License to Depart and it was simply no longer present. I was left with a vague but persistent apprehension, a sort of creeping unease.

Monday, April 5th, 2010
6:41 pm
Five Lectures on Demonology

A must-read for any serious student of theology!
This book contains five lectures:
1. The Existence of Demons
2. The Origin of Demons
3. The Identity of Demons
4. The Activity of Demons
5. The Understanding of Demons
This is not the standard reference work, full of tiresome and trivial "blurbs" with no real substance. It is not a book of history or research.
Instead, this is a challenging work that aims to illuminate the reader on the fundamental issues of demonology. The reader is given a sound and reasonable basis for the study of evil spirits in their proper context and with special attention given to the relevance of this subject in the modern world.

Available at Lulu here:


Thursday, April 1st, 2010
11:38 pm
GoetiaL #58 Avnas

ABN + ASh (Flaming Stone) pronounced "ah-ven esh"
President Commanding 36 Legions
The spirit sought in this conjuration is described foremost as one who can provide knowledge of astrology. The spirit has several other powers, but this one is given special note and was my initial inspiration for this ceremony. I have always held a divided opinion on astrology, having no faith in its predictive capacity whatsoever yet recognizing its importance to human culture, though this is an opinion I admittedly hold with relative ignorance as it has never been a subject I gave serious attention.
Contemporary society regards astrology as a curiosity of the bygone era, a discipline eradicated by Christendom and all but abandoned in the industrialized world. The grim retainers of this ancient practice, with few exceptions, keep far from the spotlight. This is sharply in contrast with the ancient empires, wherein the astrologer was a central figure in society and the art was widespread.
Astrology may be regarded as the foundations of mysticism in pagan cultures, and marks the dividing line between the domains of theology and magic. It is a step away from dependence upon the gods through ritual and doctrine, and a step toward human-controlled acquisition and application of spiritual knowledge. By the craft and teachings of astrology, a person begins to form his or her own interpretations of the universe and its underlying spiritual mechanisms and in turn loosens his or her ties to organized faiths. Astrology is generally fixed upon the individual rather than the needs of society as a whole, and has played a significant role in the empowerment of those who religion had failed to reach.
Collapse )
But mark well, and beware, especially all who would invoke these spirits! Even when they are called according to the conjuration, the spirits profess nothing more than to deliver true answers by means of lies, for there is nothing signified by the supposed virtues of stars and planets. An astrologer may say truly that there is a gain or an obstacle bespoken in the chart, and this may be judged correct by all concerned, but the sight of such a thing in the distribution of the planets is merely metaphor and any astrologer will remind his client that the answer is given by interpretation of traditional attributions. When the servants of the spirit thus conjured make their judgment of the charted figures, it is not the astrologer who answers from careful study, but the spirits themselves who answer in the language of astrology. The direct truth of any matter is unavailable by their word, and from them one must be content with what can be accurately told through false points of reference.
On the very edge of sleep, I bid the spirit License to Depart.

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
7:35 pm
Hardcopy Preview

For those of you who do not own a hardcopy of Imperial Arts Volume One, you might enjoy the preview at


As I have said before, the printed copy exists for the sake of those (like me) who prefer a physical hardcopy rather than scrolling through pages of Livejournal. The supplementary material adds a little weight to the book and sheds some light on my perspective. I have no intention to exclude anyone from my writings on account of unwilingness or inability to pay.

I was unaware that the Lulu publishing service made these copies available until a few days ago. I certainly wasn't notified! But in case anyone wants to sneak a peek, or for some reason is unwilling to put two bucks into my pocket, the preview should keep me from having to send you a free copy just to prove it isn't scribbles and gibberish. Those who do want to buy the book can do so at


Thursday, November 26th, 2009
1:21 am
Buer #10
BOR (ablaze) pronounced "Boo-air"
President commanding 50 Legions

This spirit is said to appear during the sign of Sagittarius. Crowley indicates that this is the only time during which the spirit can be bound. Whether he ever tried at some other time to conjure the spirit and failed, I am uncertain, but this one is mentioned specifically as the one through which his mentor was restored to health.

This spirit is credited with three primary powers: to teach moral and natural philosophy, to teach the properties of herbs and plants, and to heal all "distempers" in men. The last of these is somewhat obscure, the word "distemper" being currently applied only to veterinary medicine. In short, a distemper is simply a disease characterized by a prolonged or pervasive condition, as opposed to acute trauma or infection where the cause of suffering is readily apparent. This word would have been immediately recognized by anyone studying medicine up to the modern age, when it was replaced by terms like syndrome, disorder, and volumes of similar new jargon.

I felt especially confident that this was the best spirit to conjure at this particular time, and my decision had little to do with astrology. I sought to continue in seeking a measure of wisdom from this art, and to arm myself therewith. I conjured this spirit not only for my own sake, but for the sake of others, specifically to extend my art insofar as possible against the great diseases of our time.

Collapse )

I entered the circle this time with a mind to take the "high ground," and the experience of this conjuration pulled the rug right out from beneath my feet. I cannot say that I am humbled by it, but certainly have gained something valuable in the way of perspective, if nothing else.
Sunday, November 22nd, 2009
11:22 pm
Murmor #54
MURM+OR ("raised awake") pronounced Mur'-am + ur

This spirit was conjured on November 1st, considered the feast of saints among Catholics, and this entry was written some two weeks following from my pencil notes gathered at the time.

At some point in the past few years, I came to gradually understand that my greatest limitations were not the external ones. Whatever was found lacking in resources, assistance, or opportunity was always able to be obtained in some way to meet my needs if not my wants. Somehow, throughout all of this, I have felt consistently held-back, and more often than not the restrictions have been due to my own shortsightedness. While I've managed to stay well above despair, things always seem to fall just shy of true satisfaction even when I've managed to get what I had wanted.

In some ways this has been an idea known to me, and I sought to stave off the adverse effect of my own presence in my life through conjuration of spirits, Amon in particular. I am thus spared some of the consequences of bad behavior (insofar as it is unwittingly bad), but still I have felt like a small fish in a big pond. I have toyed with the idea of gaining a better understanding of classical philosophy, but frankly I have no time for serious studies and certainly no time for the idiocy of university education. Over time it has become apparent that what is lacking within myself is not knowledge but wisdom, and that ultimately boils down to good judgment.

I am reminded of Crowley's "The Sorcerer," who had subdued all things but remained locked within the confines of his own desires. With all things at his disposal, what would such a person do? Though I have far less than the very courses of the planets at my command, I am confounded with a similar problem in that I fear to make bad decisions, and find that many of my good intentions fall far astray from their marks. I found myself desiring real wisdom, not 35 books of Aristotle and soporific Aquinas, and so desiring I sought the aid of this spirit and the noble dead.

Collapse )

I gave the spirit License to Depart in the customary form, and the light of morning dissipated the haze. I am dissatisfied in the early break-off from my discussions, but not disappointed from what little was given. The philosophy of this spirit was entirely practical, which serves my interests and answered my request, but I still look for a deeper sort of understanding and plan to follow this conjuration with one more specifically tailored to that topic.
Monday, October 5th, 2009
7:40 pm
Andras #63
30 Legions

The Greek name "Andreas" (strong) is probably related to the name of the spirit Andras, which I am now convinced is identical to the Celtic goddess Andraste, whose name is commonly translated as "invincible."

With a few of the other spirits, it was somewhat difficult to positively identify the spirit as its counterpart in mythology of the ancient world. Egyptian deities like Amon and Horus, who would be presumably more easily marked, are somewhat different in character than their equivalents in Goetia. The differences are probably a result of many thousands of years' passage from the time of their worship to the present. The deities at one time had a widespread religion and a vital role in their native cultures, into which a large and diverse output of human work and thought was directed. To the ancients, the living gods of those lost empires were vividly known and probably possessed a much more intriguing character than anything an archeologist could conjure through limited relics and scarce scriptures.

This spirit, Andras, was unquestionably the obscure goddess of ancient England known as "Andraste."

Collapse )

In the time since this conjuration I have witnessed an inordinate amount of hostility (of an amazing variety) among strangers, which I take to be a sign of intervention by the spirit. Though it did not forbid me to involve myself against others for my own interests, it apparently wanted to encourage me to "rock the boat" against others who probably deserve it. There are indeed some awful people in the world, but it is not my business to make the world free from them, and not my place to strike them down except wherein they stand in the way of my own work. It is amusing that this spirit, which had been so degrading, is so confident in my magnanimity and considers this a weakness. Apparently it desires to test my resolve, and in so doing provide itself a means of avoiding the task appointed. Should I choose to take vengeance against those whose crimes having no direct effect on my life, the spirit assures me that I will suffer an obscure but undoubtedly dire fate.
Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
1:30 pm
I am sick today, having spent last night struggling with sinus drainage and a sore throat. It should be expected this time of year, and I expect to recover swiftly.

Distressing as this has been, I cannot decide whether nasal vomiting is nearly as disgusting as having to scroll through 70+ comments of such low merit.

Collapse )

Due to numerous requests, distaste for "scrolling" and generally pointless bickering, and my own caprice, I have chosen to reset my comment default setting to "screen all."

I will permit all comments related to this journal, to occult practices in general, and anything off-topic that doesn't strike me as worthless nonsense. If I allow something to be posted that you don't like, and then won't permit you to call that person a moron, you can stuff it.

If you want to comment about me personally, for good or ill, I will be happy to print it here in public. Simply identify yourself in the post along with your email address which will be verified before your comment is posted.

As I have said before, this is my journal and all comments exist as I choose to allow them to exist. This new change, which is loathsome to me, is merely a reminder of that reality.
Thursday, July 16th, 2009
12:27 am
Seere #70
SIUR (tour) pronounced "See - ur"
Prince commanding 26 Legions

This was, unfortunately, a very disappointing encounter. There were difficulties from beginning to end.

First, though, the description of the spirit. It is said to appear as a "beautiful man" riding a winged horse. Doubtless my generation immediately envisions Harry Hamlin astride Harryhausen's Pegasus. Hollywood took upon itself the more recent (14th century) motif wherein Perseus rides the winged stallion, but it is more likely the identity of that hero was Bellerophon whose story takes place around 1300 BC.

The legend of Bellerophon is rather complicated and often poorly presented in children's literature. Perhaps this lack of attention serves to highlight the heroic details (the death of the Chimera) and to downplay the horrific ones. It might be thought unusual for such a reputable hero to be found among a catalogue of demons, but there is some reason for this identification beyond the fact that the two share a famous image.

The hero Bellerophon was said to have been assigned many tasks, each requiring unusual resources beyond mere cunning, like the Golden Bridle. Each time, the hero casually accepts his task and miraculously obtains whatever is needed for its accomplishment. This is well in keeping with a spirit said to have an indifferent character with the power to obtain anything for anywhere. Furthermore the hero is said to have attempted to ride into Olympus, but was deemed unworthy and was struck down to fall at last into torment. The second task of Bellerophon was to fight against the "Solymi," identified as the Jews by Homer, which possibly accounts for his inclusion in the Goetia among the enemies of Solomon.

I spoke of nothing like this with the spirit. In fact, I found the spirit to be rather unpleasant. From the moment of its arrival to the time of its departure, I felt oppressively weak. It was as if I could barely stand or speak, so the entire dialogue was maintained by arduous effort and with minimal notes. My thoughts were not fuzzy in any way, nor my vision or my hearing, but a feather would have knocked me to the ground. There was plenty of ventilation, I had eaten reasonably well, and it was not done during any sleep period.

Collapse )

I continue to harbor some doubt concerning the denials given by this spirit. It was not hostile in any way, but it was also not amicable. It was given a very weary License to Depart.
Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
11:53 pm
#9 Paimon
PYM + UN (Little Coin) pronounced "Peem - on"
King governing 200 legions
North and West

Some have speculated that the name of the spirit is Persian, meaning "promise." That is true, but it is not the origin of the spirit or its name, nor is it appropriate to give an oriental name to a spirit of the west. It has also been suggested to me that this spirit is that one called Mammon, owing to a mis-reading of the Peh as a Mem, and while that is somewhat closer to the character of this spirit it is not the origin. Mammon is more recent word by many centuries, meaning simply "riches," whereas the real origin of the name is a coin called the Pym.

The Pym is referenced in the Bible (1 Samuel 13:21 in some translations, it is omitted in others) as a division of the Shekel and a trifling amount of money. In the citation above, it is described as the fee an Israelite would pay a Philistine for sharpening tools, illustrating a difficulty of the times and an important lesson on wealth.

Since the fee is somewhat negligible, it can hardly be considered a very profitable scheme for the Philistines and could hardly be considered an expense for the Israelites, but the real gain/loss equation involves demand and requirement. The Israelites are required to pay their adversaries for sharpening their own tools, which would obviously exclude the sharpening of weapons. This leaves the Israelites without ready weapons and at the mercy of foreigners for simple and necessary tasks. The overall effect of the scheme is not to make money from the other guy, but to put him at a disadvantage. No matter how much wealth one had accumulated, the enemy would need to be satisfied in order to do basic labor, and the enemy demands prevented one from being ready to resist him.

This situation is illustrative of the power of the ninth spirit, one of the most powerful of all the spirits of the vessel, one of the most widely-known in the lore of demonology, and one of the longest entries in the Goetia.

Collapse )

I gave the License to Depart, and those around it seemed to fall away downward, finally the spirit became covered in its halo and was gone. The last thing I saw before it disappeared was its smile, the first it had given, and not a comforting sight.

Such is my attempt to extend this art beyond mere curiosities.
Thursday, May 21st, 2009
11:03 pm
Demon Conjuror seeks Angel Investor
Those of you who have followed this journal for the past few years will recall the mention of a Golden Cavern in Northern California. General directions to this location are given in Volume One. I invite any of you to seek this mine and obtain wealth such as you can extract. The mine is nearly inaccessible, the material is dangerous to obtain, and I have given purposely obscure directions.

The land on which the mine sits is now for sale.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy it. Rather than scrape out a few pocketfuls of ore and run away before being shot or eaten, it would be much better to simply own the land and extract the metal in a sensible fashion.

I have legal proof that the mine exists and that it contains at least 4 million tons of gold. Read that sentence again. Yes, four million tons of gold! I will provide this documentation, and other details of the mine and surrounding areas to anyone who is willing (and able) to assist me in purchasing the property.

This is .... very.... rural property.

The price is just shy of ten million dollars. I would not have us scrambling about on hillsides poking into every hollow stump in search of nuggets. This price includes a luxury resort. My intention for this property is to establish a haven that will become the cornerstone of magical arts for ages to come.

I realize that this is a considerable investment, and so I ask for your assistance. I have explored my options and they lead me here, humble as it may be. This is the real thing. If you have a sincere interest and are prepared to make a commitment, e-mail me at Pigasus93@aol.com.
Monday, May 11th, 2009
11:43 am
Ose, Seal and Timing Errors
OShH (Make, Do) pronounced "Oh-say"
President Commanding 30 Legions

<--After providing several grains of incense to the fire, the spirit said that it admired my determination and did not expect it. It said further that it had not come on account of two errors that I had made. The sigil of the spirit omitted certain details, and the time was "out of the cycle" for the spirit. "But for the fire and the curse, you would have never known me," or so it claimed. -->

Since I seem to be unable to post images in replies, here is the seal I used, compared to three versions of the same seal taken from Sloane 2731, Waite, and Crowley.

Note the missing circles above the "V" in the lower quadrant.

As for the timing, I had miscalculated the "Age of the Moon" by a day.
12:46 am
Goetia: Ose #57
OShH (Make, Do) pronounced "Oh-say"
President Commanding 30 Legions

It has been said that there are three paths of Wisdom.

The first is that of the Materialist, who identifies with the belief that all things are contained within the universe, and are a part of that universe. Whether in chaos or according to rules, whether visible or invisible, everything is participating together as a unified whole, according to the Materialist.

The second path, that of the Mystic, is one in which the important things are believed to exist apart from the universe. The spiritual realm, the reward of the just and punishment of the wicked, and all sense of meaning are not found within the world but in spite of it, for the Mystic.

The third path is that of the Magician. These rites, though they involve elements of religion, are not devotional in nature and are also not chemistry or psychology: they are magic. Nonetheless they are at times tied closely to the sciences or mysticism, and therein can be explored a more profound art than the one in which the magician is merely putting his own affairs in order.

The 57th Spirit is described as having dominion over the Liberal Sciences, and the ability to disclose "Divine and Secret Things." It is described with other powers as well, and keeps its knowledge closely guarded. The spirit gave no indication of its presence throughout the Conjuration, the Invocation, or the Constraint. During the Call to the King, there was not a stir. Its seal was bound in the box with a chain, and still no sign was given during the first of the three condemnations. The fire was conjured, the box being held over it, and still no noise or sign or anything was to be seen. Only at the last moment, before the final curse was begun, did the spirit appear, and then instantly.

Collapse )

I bid the spirit license to depart, being satisfied for the time. Despite the initial difficulties, this was a very interesting spirit. I will await the changes demanded for people known to me in my personal life, and I am continuing to develop the use of the enchanted ring outside of the context of its use as a ceremonial protective device. I am especially intrigued about the prospect of living much, much, longer, and I hope to have the chance to live long enough to make that experiment.
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